TSHL Executive Committee Meeting

The TSHL Executive Committee meeting was held in Waco, on October 11, 2018, at the Heart of Texas Council of Governments Training Room. A welcome was given by Gary Luft, Executive Director of Heart Of Texas AAA.

The meeting was called to order by Speaker Walter C. Graham. Invocation was led by Wayne Merrill. The pledges were led by Bill Bailey.

Guests in attendance were Irene Andrews, Paul Furukawa, Mike Sandoval, Sharon Brazeal, Linda Mitchell, Paul Stempko filling in for Sherry Hubbard, Danny Volcik, and Captain Bob Bratcher.

The roll was called by Mona Bailey. A quorum was present.

Speaker Graham received a motion to accept with regrets the resignations of Louise Butler, Chair of UNR Committee, and Mary A. Collins, TSHL Secretary. Upon second and vote, the motion was approved.

A nomination was made by Bill Bailey for Pat J. Porter to be the TSHL Secretary until the elections at Orientation in July, 2019. Irma Cauley called for nominations to cease and she be elected by acclamation. This motion was seconded and passed.

The agenda was adopted.

The minutes from July 26 were accepted as presented.

The Financial Reports were given by Rhonda Rogers, Comptroller and accepted.

Al Campbell then took the floor to discuss his comments and suggestions from the 2018 Legislative Session. His comments included that there were fewer resolutions written, some committees have less resolutions to consider (which is the result of how they are assigned to LIC committees which is laid out in our Documents); LIC committees and leaders lack procedural training; resolutions on paper lack personal information and passion and need to be verbally addressed by the author or a designated TSHL agent; and that the process used in 2018 did not prioritize the “Top Ten”. He also commented that additional training and tools are needed to increase advocacy. His suggestions to address his comments were:

  1. Assign equal number of resolutions to LIC Committees regardless of the topic addressed (contrary to current wording)
  2. No LIC will make decisions on resolutions without hearing from the author and/or experts and background research.
  3. All resolutions that reach floor debate will be accompanied by a verbal presentation to the assembly by the author or TSHL agent.
  4. A list of established priority criterion will be presented to the membership prior to voting on the top 20/10.
  5. Ballots with more or fewer votes than the required number (20/10) will be disqualified.

In addition to his comments and suggestions concerning procedure, Mr. Campbell suggested that a change be made in our current method of producing and distributing the Silver Bulletin. He suggests that the Silver Bulletin (SB) be produced as a public relations tool with content providing general senior information of interest to all readers such as TSHL accomplishments, relevant activities, goals, etc. The SB would be printed and distributed to legislators, organizations having senior interests, financial supporters, media sources, and TSHL members. Oversight will be by Communications Committee and TSHL Foundation. In addition, he suggested establishment of a TSHL Newsletter for internal distribution and content.

Speaker Graham then asked the Communications Committee and the LAC Committee to jointly study these comments and suggestions and report back at the next EC meeting February 11.

Gary Luft then brought in the Executive Director of the HOT COG, Russell Devorsky, introduced him to us, and Mr. Devorsky spoke briefly in welcome to us.

Reports from Administrative, Legislative Issues Committees, and special committees were heard.

A Proclamation honoring Paula Johnson, TSHL member and founding member of TSHL by the Texas Department of Aging. A copy of the Proclamation and a copy of the picture of the 1st TSHL membership will be delivered to Paula by Linda Parrish.

The Gala will be held on February 11, 2019, at the Bob Bullock Texas Sate Historical Museum. More details to follow as they are set. See calendar.

Remember all TSHL members are welcome to attend these Executive Committee meetings and it is a good way to keep up with progress on resolutions and work involving interim charges to the Texas Legislature.

TSHL Goals

  • Promote Good Government: Motivate, engage and educate older Texans in the legislative process
  • Encourage voice: Inform and educate older Texans to become viable political voices and forces
  • Provide Opportunity: Offer the avenue for older Texans to serve as a resource to public and private sectors on aging issues and concerns
  • Model Legislative Forum: Develop a non-partisan forum for discussion, debate and prioritization of issues facing aging Texans
  • Develop Advocates: Educate the Texas Silver-Haired Legislators to advocate for adoption of aging resolutions submitted to the Texas Legislature

Public Comments

You are invited to submit your concerns about aging issues or questions about TSHL. Questions will be answered by a TSHL member.

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Dates to Remember

February 2019-TSHL Executive Committee meeting, February 11, 2019; Wyndham Garden Hotel, Austin, TX 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM
April 2019-TSHL Executive Committee meeting, April 18, 2019, Place TBD
July 2019-TSHL Orientation, July 14-19, 2019; Wyndham Garden Hotel and Capitol, Austin, TX