15th TSHL Legislative Session, April 28 - May 2, 2014
Texas State Capitol

Speaker Pat J. Porter convened the 15th Texas Silver-Haired Legislature for the Legislative Session at the Texas State Capitol, House Chambers for 5 day session, April 28 - May 2, 2014. Members filed 101 resolutions prior to the session. They debated and adopted 77 resolutions, 23 consent resolutions, and established the top ten priorities.

The 15th TSHL Legislative Report was delivered to Texas Legislators, the Governor, other State officials and the Department of Aging and Disability Services, as required by SCR 37, 69th Legislature, April 1985.


R27 Increase the Personal Needs Allowance for Medicaid Residents in Nursing Homes
Set a level of no less than $75.00 a month for the personal needs allowance and making this issue a budget priority.
R34 Restore The Texas Department on Aging
Restore the Texas Department on Aging, the Texas Board on Aging and the Commissioner with authority to adopt appropriate policies, rules and procedures relating to "grass roots" planning, advocacy and service delivery that focus on our rapidly growing senior population.
R40 Preserve or Increase Current Funding for Home Delivered Meals
The Department of Aging and Disability Services to adjust its ceiling cost to actual cost for Home Delivered meals to the elderly.
R11 Ban the Use of Hand-Held Cell phones for Texting while Driving
Ban the use of handheld cell phones for texting by drivers except in the case of emergencies.
R35 Provide Dental Benefit for Title XIX Seniors and Seniors with Incomes at or Below 200% of Poverty Guidelines
Provide a full dental benefit to all seniors receiving Title XIX Medical Assistance and all seniors with incomes at or below 200% of federal poverty guidelines.
R42 Continue to Support Defined Plan for Retired School Employees
Support the continuation of The Defined Benefit Plan for all retired participants of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.
R43 Redistricting Reform Using a Nonpartisan Commission
Enact redistricting legislation or provide for a constitutional amendment (referendum) using a nonpartisan commission approach.
R24 Enact a Statutory Basic Will for Texas
Enact into law the creation of simple and low cost statutory wills that reflect seniors’ typical preferences and expectations to encourage them to complete basic estate planning.
R03 Regulate the Payday and Auto Title Lending Industry
Pass legislation that regulates the Payday and Auto Title Lending Industry.
R68 Allow Physicians to Prescribe Marijuana for Medical Purposes
Enact laws similar to those in effect in other states which allow physicians to prescribe marijuana for medical purposes without fear of being prosecuted under state laws governing the use of marijuana.

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