TSHL Executive Committee Meeting: April 18, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Speaker Walter C. Graham. Recognition of the demise of former TSHL member, Aliceanne Wallace, was held. Invocation was led by Pat J. Porter. The pledges were led by Rose Timmer.

Guests in attendance were Irene Andrews, Judy LeUnes, Barbie Butler-Johnson, Paul Stempko, and Captain Bob Bratcher.

The roll was called by Secretary Pat J. Porter with a quorum being present.

Speaker Graham then presented the hotel contract for the Training Session to be held October 20-24 here at the Wyndham Garden Hotel with rooms to cost $99.00 with breakfast for two included each day. The Hospitality suite will be comped by the hotel. Upon motion made by Richard Garnett, seconded, and voted, the motion was approved and the contract signed and returned to the hotel

The agenda was adopted.

The minutes from February 11, 2019, were accepted as presented.

The Financial Reports were given by Rhonda Rogers, Comptroller and accepted

A Proposed Amendment relating to the wording of the charge of the Retirement & Aging committee on Form 203 was heard and approved.

Awards Committee Jane Blay reported little activity in the nominating of TSHL members for awards. Discussion followed concerning whether these awards are motivating. It was suggested that an evaluation sheet be prepared and distributed to determine the thoughts of the membership. Speaker Walter Graham presented his list of nominations:

Outstanding Leadership awards:
Mona Bailey
Rhonda Rogers

Executive Committee Performance Awards:
Linda Parrish
Alan Abraham
Pat J. Porter

Speaker’s Commendation Awards:
Jane Blay
Barbara Aydlett
Sherry Hubbard

Outstanding Freshman Award:
Scott Christensen

Any other nominations received before the deadline will be voted on at the July 14 EC meeting.

Consideration of the comments by Al Campbell presented in February and postponed to April meeting was delayed until the new administration comes into office in July.

TSHL Goals

  • Promote Good Government: Motivate, engage and educate older Texans in the legislative process
  • Encourage voice: Inform and educate older Texans to become viable political voices and forces
  • Provide Opportunity: Offer the avenue for older Texans to serve as a resource to public and private sectors on aging issues and concerns
  • Model Legislative Forum: Develop a non-partisan forum for discussion, debate and prioritization of issues facing aging Texans
  • Develop Advocates: Educate the Texas Silver-Haired Legislators to advocate for adoption of aging resolutions submitted to the Texas Legislature

Public Comments

You are invited to submit your concerns about aging issues or questions about TSHL. Questions will be answered by a TSHL member.

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Dates to Remember

Oct 2019-Training Session, Oct 20-23, 2019; Wyndham Garden Hotel and Capitol, Austin, TX