16th TSHL Training Session

Nancy Byler, TSHL Speaker, convened sixty members of The Texas Silver-Haired Legislature in Austin Nov.1-4 for the 16th Training Session in preparation for the Texas Legislature in January of 2017. Members were instructed by other Legislators regarding a variety of topics; including reviewing successful resolutions, technical aspects of resolution development and writing successful resolutions.
The State of Texas House of Representatives Parliamentarian, Chris Griesel instructed the body on the “Responsibilities and Duties of An Effective TSHL Member.” Additionally, Kirk Overbey, a professional registered parliamentarian, presented an informative session on conducting business within the confines of Roberts Rules of Order.

Former State Representative Vicki Truitt shared the wisdom of 14 years of experience in the Texas Legislature by teaching the members of The Texas Silver-Haired Legislature about how to approach and communicate with their own Senators and Representatives. Rep. Truitt touched on topics regarding best times for approaching the lawmakers, how to deal with staff, and do’s and don’ts regarding the exchange of information with our elected officials.

One of the highlights of the Training Session was a “Mock” Town Hall Meeting, simulating meetings that TSHL members will be conducting throughout Texas in the next several months. The members themselves brainstormed legislative issues and prioritized these to present to the entire group. The top priority from each table was articulated by a “reporter” and these ideas were evaluated by Jon Weizenbaum, Commissioner of the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS).

The end result of this training session will be a group of resolutions that will be debated by The Texas Silver-Haired Legislature in its Legislative Session in April of 2016. The resulting approved resolutions will be published in a bound report and delivered to each of the State Lawmakers, the Governor, the Area Agency on Aging offices, and many other stakeholders throughout the State.

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Dates to Remember

Nov. 18, 2015 - Town Hall Meeting, Weslaco, Louise Butler contact
Jan. 21, 2016 – TSHL Foundation meeting, Austin, Walter Graham, contact
Jan 27, 2016 – Town Hall Meeting, San Antonio, Jene Liaci, contact
Jan 28, 2016 – Deadline for TSHL Directory ads, Wm. Carey, contact
Feb 3, 2016 – TSHL Executive Committee meeting, Abilene, Speaker Nancy Byler contact
Feb 4, 2016 – Town Hall Meeting, ACU, Abilene, Walter Graham contact
March 9, 2016 – Deadline for filing Resolutions, Al Campbell contact
April 4-8, 2016 – 16th TSHL Legislative Session, State Capitol
April 5, 2016 – TSHL Foundation meeting, Austin, Walter Graham contact
Oct 22, 2016 – TSHL Foundation meeting, Austin, Walter Graham contact


Legislative Issues Committees

Criminal Justice, Bill Bailey

Education, Joe Henderson

Health & Human Resources, Barbara Aydlett

Human Services, Mary Pat Smith

Insurance, Rene Wallace

Retirement & Aging, William Carey

Rural-Urban Affairs, Claude Andrews

State Affairs, Chris Kyker

Utilities & Natural Resources, Louise Butler

Administrative Committees

Communications, Bruce Davis

Election & Credentials, Donald Sanders

Finance, Wayne Merrill

Operations, LaWynn Rogers

Legislative Action, Carlos Higgins

Special Committees

Silver Bulletin, James B. Warner

16th Directory, Claude Andrews

Technology, Chris Kyker