Scott Christensen Scott Christensen

P O Box 1295
Hilltop Lakes, TX 77871
936 855-2878
Brazos Valley


First Term 2017-2019

Scott Christensen attended the University of Minnesota as an Evans Scholar, earning a B.S. “With High Distinction” in Mathematics. He has earned professional designations in consulting and customer service.

Christensen spent the last 13 years of his career as a management and governance consultant. He consulted/trained in management, organization culture building, board governance, constituent service, and policy/process management – with both private and public sector clients. He consulted with major urban school boards nationally and served on the Reform Governance faculties of the Broad Foundation and the Center for Reform of School Systems.

Previously, he spent 24 years in professional, middle and senior management positions in banking, trust and financial operations. He’s been a featured speaker/workshop leader at numerous professional conferences on treasury management, bank relationship management, and public funds investments. Then State Treasurer Ann Richards asked him to speak at Local Government financial training seminars she held for Texas political subdivisions. He also has testified before a legislative sub-committee on revisions to the Public Funds Investment Act.

Christensen has spent 25+ years in elected or appointed local government positions, and is a current director, and past president, on the local Emergency Service District (ESD) Board. He’s a Lions Club member; served on his church Foundation Board and is active in its “Caring Evangelism”; serves on the County Economic Development Assn. Board; and, he acts/directs/writes/sings(?) in the local community theater. In his spare time he travels, plays “slow motion” doubles tennis, works crossword puzzles with a big eraser, and crashes small cycles. He and wife, Mary, a retired teacher, live in Hilltop Lakes, Texas.